Security screens are a smart and attractive way to keep your home safe and secure, whether you're home or away.

These screens are custom made to meet your exact specifications. Made from aluminum and stainless steel, they are resistant to the rust and oxidation of normal windows and screens. Burglars, or those who wish you harm, are not able to break through these screens. To prevent break-ins, we offer optimum security for schools, Colleges, and Universities. 

A single handle unlatches the top and bottom latch on a window at the same time, for ease of exit. The doors come with a 3 point latch, locking the door at the lock set, as well as above and below, once again at the same time, one latch operates all three locks, for unheralded security in a screen door.

The Tapco Manufacturing Plant


Check with your Household Insurance Company, if you qualify for lower premiums when the Tapco Security Screen system is installed.


And for those of you in Cottage Country . . .


The Spring Bear Hunt, which has been ongoing for a number of years, has been cancelled. And specifically with the blueberry crop failure last year, means that a larger number of Bears are stressed from a reduced availability of a readily available food source. Bears, by their very nature are scavengers, it's in there DNA. So they have an uncanny ability to figure out where there is readily and relatively easy access to food. Unfortunately this translates to Bear intrusions into Cottages and Dwellings. As if that is not bad enough, Bears have an excellent memory, and they frequently return to locations where they have previously found food.

The Tapco Security Screens are Bear Resistant. Keeping a Bear outside is the best remedy to preventing them from coming inside.