Installation Schematics

The following schematic drawings and photos demonstrate how to measure the security screens for installation. Please contact us with any questions about the measurements, ordering and installation process.


#475 Security door

Please measure from the top to get the correct door handle placement.


Measuring for a #300 operable or #300 fixed screen with wood trim/ flat surface around window

(Black) Width- Sub Frame Fins are an inch wide.  Measure an inch onto the trim on both sides.

(Red)  Height- Same thing for the height.  If the window has a “lip” that protrudes on the seal, measure to it, and mark the sub-frame to be built as finless on the bottom.

(Blue)  Measuring for a Twin- If the customer wants two screens for this particular window, measure to the center of the mullion.  One screen will be finless on the right side and the other will be finless on the left.  They’ll meet and sit flush with each other to be mulled.


Installing a screen that requires tubing (build-out)

  • We have a #980 series that does not require tubing. The sub-frame can be used as inset or blind stop (See drawings for examples of with and without tubing)

  • Using tubing on a #300 series for a window like the picture above requires for you to get the day-light opening of the brick.  (*Be sure to use your tightest measurements. Sometimes a brick or two might stick-out further than the rest)

  • We usually send 1x1 inch tubing. If you need bigger, just let us know.

  • Apply the tubing to the brick. Then install your screens onto the tubing.